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16-05-2016 15:26

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Murals in Catania, Sicily. Unknown, talented artist.



In Scicli, Sicily, the traditional feast of San Giuseppe is one of the most important events of the year. Traditionnaly it's held on the official an Giuseppe festival, ie of March 19th. This year it was posted after eastern. Sicilian's sense of timing!
Half religious half paganist this festival is really worth being seen as one of the most intimate and authentics festivals for all horse lovers!

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date: 04-04-2016 18:26

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22-02-2015 15:54

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Every year, in Catania, Sicily, at the occasion of St Agata's festival, the mayor and the members of the city's concil participate at the procession in two coaches which were once the property of the city's senate. This is the occasion to revive a piece of history of the city which is more recent than the festival itself and to maintain alive as tradition of carriage which may seem granted but involves a wonderful know-how, which is in my eyes more interesting than the front stage itself.