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Carnival in black and white

date » 23-02-2023 18:51

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small café

date » 24-06-2021 10:16

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tags » Street life, Terrace, Summertime, Nice, South of France,

My terrace neigbour told me : "here you'll find interesting types to photograph, as everywhere between Nice and Marseille". After almost 6 month of lockdown and diverse curfews the Riquier area in Nice seems to be blooming again. Diverse types of people indeed and the large beach parasol protection somewhath from the traffic make it all!



date » 29-01-2021 18:48

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Matrass and suitcase in front of a long closed restaurant.
A scene getting more and more familiar in the center of Nice.


Once upon a time...the pontoon

date » 22-11-2020 21:10

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Inaugurated in 1884, the pontoon of the lido was the support of a casino competing with the municipal casino. After the palace was burned to ashes by the nazi occupiers in 1944, the pontoon stilled remained a fixed point in the Nice landscape.
An ecological monster for some, a diving board or just a cool element for others, the pontoon just lived its last days in total discretion - due to the lockdown.


The orange of Nice

date » 14-10-2020 16:41

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Bleu de Nice

date » 25-06-2020 21:23

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Summer is back in town



date » 16-06-2020 18:20

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tags » Babazouk, Nice, vieille ville, black and white, noir et blanc,

Babazouk, from the Arab for "market door" is the nickname given to the old town by a salesman from Alger in the 19tu century.


de-confinement phase 2

date » 04-06-2020 22:02

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Still with a mask on but enjoying the simple joy of a drink outdoor


Halles de la Buffa

date » 01-06-2020 17:14

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Halles de la buffa in times of Coronavirus. The "cité" has been bought by a big agro-food group in 2018.
The development works should have started mid-2019 and be finished in 2010. The market is still so desolated. The last sales men are still there, with mask on. offering quality food to loyal clients.
New in my project Disappearing world


Casino in time of covid

date » 02-05-2020 14:22

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tags » Casino, Covid, Nice, PACA, black and white, street photography,


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