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Street Taormina - color

date » 23-05-2024 21:08

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tags » Taormina, street photography, color, Sicily,

Turists are back in Taormina - A feast for the eye


Sicilian marriage

date » 15-05-2024 17:09

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tags » Scicili, black and white, marriage,

In Sicily, with a beautiful environnement and people wearing ceremony clothes, marriages often look a bit like a fashion show or the scene of an old fashion film...



date » 29-04-2024 17:08

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tags » storm, rainy days,


Pescheria - Catania

date » 23-04-2024 18:58

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tags » Pescheria, Catania, colors,

The voices, the colors, the sounds, the odors, the people, nothing as change and yet everything is a bit different;


Gioia -Eastern in Scicli, Sicily

date » 07-04-2024 19:03

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tags » Scicli, Gioia, easter, Sicily,


Eastern in Scicli is the celebration of joy, pure joy. Joy is also the name of the Christ statue which is held around through the city. Regardless of the religious aspect, a day of expectation, when winter makes place for spring, when darkness makes place for life. A day full of joyful expectation, also a day to see and to be seen!

Cavalli e cavaliere

date » 21-03-2024 16:09

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tags » Cavalcata, San Giuseppe, Scicli, cavalli, cavaliere,

Every year, San Giuseppe's festival is an occasion for a magnificent horse show: la cavalcata. On the last day the most beautiful horses mounted by elegant women and men of all ages parade throught the city.
Regardless of the religious aspect the show is a real feast for the eye!


Rainy days (2)

date » 12-03-2024 11:44

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tags » rain, storm sea, sea scapes, clouds,


Rainy days

date » 28-02-2024 17:32

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tags » rain, storm, Sicily, sea, barrocomare,

Rain is rare and precious in Sicily, as in the whole medditeran area. It is mostly strong and adds a touch of mystery to sea capes


Dry stones walling

date » 10-02-2024 19:04

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Since 2018, dry stones walls are on the on the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
They form an integral part of the southeastern Sicilian landscape.



date » 11-01-2024 17:42

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The South-east of Sicily is home for the best tomatoes in the world.
Casa Morana is a tomatoe conditioning company furnishing high-end restaurants all over the world. High quality organic products from passata to sun-dry tomatoes and exceptionnel concentrates.


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